About us


Arisbuve Company offers wide range of modern, qualitative products, which meet high standards and technical requirements, for installation of water supply, heating, outdoor and indoor sewerage systems, as well as sanitary equipment and building materials. We represent products of the largest European companies, which have proved themselves as producers of reliable and long life building materials, which have been supplying their products to the European countries for many years. Products offered by us, is successfully operating in Latvia and its quality has passed a test by time in the climatic conditions of Latvia and it has all necessary European certificates as well.
We offer to your attention a catalogue, in which are presented some of products, offered by our company on the very profitable prices.

The policy of ARIS BŪVE LLC and its’ employees is provision of wide range of qualitative services that answer the requirements and guidelines, strengthening its’ presence of leading company on Latvian market, and maintaining the dominant position in the field of construction of infrastructural, engineering, and technical facilities, as well as expanding of its’ activities outside the national territory.

For the purpose of the abovementioned principles the policy of the company is based on the following objectives:

  • Recognition of clients’ requests and quality improvement of our services,
  • Optimization of construction works and lowering of costs,
  • Creation of advantageous price policy in relation to our clients,
  • Fulfilment of all legislative and standard requirements of the Republic of Latvia, including the requirements regarding health and work safety,
  • Development of professional skills of employees and contribution of observation of safety fundamentals on all levels and at every working place,
  • Harmonization of partnership relations with suppliers and contractors,
  • There are systems of quality, environment, professional health, and work safety management developed in our company for the purpose of improvement of working effectiveness.


Taking into account the increased level of environmental and work safety requirements, one of the basic tasks of ARIS Būve LLC. is continuous improvement of environmental and work safety approaches for reduction of possible risks and influence to the environment. For the purpose of the abovementioned principles the policy of the company is based on the following objectives:

  • Identification and reduction of possible risks in the field of environment and work safety on every working place and in relation to neighbors,
  • Actual operating conditions of necessary equipment, development and observation of work safety guidelines,
  • Purchase and distribution of required personal protective means, work wear and equipment, their timely testing, maintenance, as well as appropriate handling,
  • Conduction of compulsory health checks of employees,
  • Intensive training of employees on the issues of safe working operations,
  • Sustainable employment of resources,
  • Garbage utilisation in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia.